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reusable waterfill sandbags

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Before or during a flood, the typical and most effective operation consists with construction of a dam by piling up bags filled with sand. The present invention brings a new concept of reusable bag by improving logistics and reducing costs.

The new concept of reusable plastic or geomambrane bags allows a considerable economy for the equipment necessary like trucks, bag-filling machines and shovels and long-term economy on purchasing of new bags. No more shoveling like it is in the case with sand bags. To fill the reusable bags, the availability of water is more obvious than sand at any hour of the day or of the night and during week ends. And during a flood, no problem to use the coming water because the dirtiness and the presence of remains do not avoid the filling of the reusable bags. They can be filled by hand or with a pump. This factor increases the speed of the intervention and thus avoids damage.

The sand bags need to bring sand on the spot to be filled because their weight once filled. This is not the case with reusable bags so you can thus use a given number of reusable bags without being afraid not to put sufficient of it. If a dam is already made with sand bags but the height of the dam becomes insufficient because water always go up and when there is no more access to the site by truck but only by boat, no problem with the reusable bags which can be easily piles up over the existing sand bags. The stability of this extra dam rests partly on the weight of water but more precisely on the principle of the well-known system VELCRO which allows a very solid link. Metal stems are droved in the sand bags through inlets located in the strip to ensure the catch of it. The waterproofing of the dam is assured by the flexibility of the plastic which composes each reusable bag whereas the weight of water exerts a side force which enables them to marry well with those adjacent. The strips give to the wall a good protection against floating things.

Once emptied, they are easily folded and stored on standby for future use.
The opening must be functional from the sealing point of view and make it possible to be able to fill and empty the reusable bags an unspecified number of times. The threaded cap fits well with this type of reusable bag. An opening of the type ZIPLOC MC with a sufficient resistance could also fits. The advantage of the system is that any citizen can use it. No need for expert to explain how or to install them because it is as simple as sand bags and the installation is the same. Anyone can use it.

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Patented in Canada.


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