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'Smartest Wall' Load-bearing lightweight insulating panel

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Disclosed is a lightweight, insulating panel building component comprised of a combination of a rigid insulation core in a composite structure with a plurality of structural materials, preferably steel. The steel members form a perimeter about the rigid insulation core providing structural strength, particularly taken in combination with the compressive strength of the core and the tensional and compressive strength of the structural members. These structural members include vertical members which provide support in compression, a cap member, a foot member, and optional external and interior facing. The cap and foot members are preferably in the form of a standard channel having a web dimension that is substantially similar to the thickness of the rigid insulation core and can fit thereabout at the periphery thereof. Vertical members are fabricated using a ledge channel cross-section, also having a web dimension substantially similar to the thickness of the rigid insulation core and flanges of sufficient dimension for the purpose presently described. At the ends of the flanges are ledges which are disposed in engaging relationship and obedience to grooves in the rigid insulation core. The ledges are disposed in engaging relationship with said grooves to form a structure that exceeds the strength of both the steel and the rigid insulation core producing integral composite columns. The structural members forming the perimeter about the rigid insulation core are attached to each other using conventional fastening means such as by welding, or using screws or the like.

Financial information

This patent is available for sale or licensing and has been successfully marketed and approved by the highest standards in the building industry. The 'Smartest Wall' is trademarked and is engineered to exceed 200 mph wind sheer. It has a R22 insulating value. The Smartest Wall has been used for buildings worldwide and will reduce the time and cost of construction by more than 50% for residential, commercial and institutional structures. Visit the web site Link for more comprehensive information. The company, with projects currently under contract, is also available for sale. The market potential of sales can exceed 500 million dollars.

The marketability is enhanced because the Smartest Wall is visually indistinguishable from a built-on-site structure. It is assembled at the factory with steel framed openings ready to receive doors and windows. The Smartest Wall allows for easy installation by unskilled labor using hand-held tools. It is energy efficient and can be pre-wired with complete electric service as well as pre-installed plumbing. The Smartest Wall can be engineered to any architectural design and is fire-rated and non-combustible. Exterior and interior facing materials attached to the wall panels produce an attractive, efficient, functional, safe and economic building.

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