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It can be used indoors or outdoors as a:
A simple rail
A barrier for vehicles-(All)
A general purpose barrier
A 'space - restoring' storage or shelving utility and
Even as an indoor-outdoor sitting/standing Aid.

The fascination is that it is fixed at 'one end only'- (the mounting surface) eliminating the need for a support post ! WOW

It can be installed in less than 10 min.
Adjusts to all angles for - stairs, ramps, gradients, and a sitting/standing Aid.
Telescopic 750 mm - 1850 mm (prototype).
Transferable & 'space-restoring' (Amazing).
Portable (Unbelievable)
Floor mountable - (sitting/standing Aid).
Provisional Patent plans meet up to date compliance.

Financial information

Initially designed for residential use i.e. situations up to 1 metre high or less above the ground/floor surface, however with natural involvement it 'truly' has 'Unlimited Applications' ! e.g.

Cars - Boats - Caravans - Trucks - Hospitals - Nursing homes - Medical practice rooms - disability & aged-care - Camping - Buses - Warehouses as a 'space-restoring' storage/shelving utility - Work place barrier - Industrial/Commercial-(Aircraft),
'Anywhere' space is a premium and
the list goes ON and ON and ON !!

A simple example of how it applies to a car & all types of vehicle security is that it can be used as an extremely low-cost 'garage door alternative' for e.g. by attaching the 'KAYO-POCKET' to a carport post/wall or similar structure, etc !

There is no-limit to its application !
You could say i have taken 'a common rail' and 'Superseded it' and added
'Twin Turbo Charges' !

I am confident that this amazing product is going to be extremely successful, the reason being unlike any other product it has many, 'many markets' !
You could say its 'niche market' is the 'open market' !!

Thanking you in anticipation.

Jimmy Dioguardi
309/4-10 Larissa Ave,

I am on a disability support pension.
PH. (03) 9001-3832
Mobile 0439 382372
or email at your leisure [Use the button below to contact me]


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