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The TiltedPet Bowls

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Inventor Robert Stovall of South Holland Illinois, has created a pet bowl for food or water with an incline bottom surface. It allows for complete consumption of a bowl's contents.

Manypet bowls have a relatively flat bottom. This makes it difficult for an animal to get the last bit of food or water out of the bowl. This restriction on the part of the animal causes them to chase the bowl around the room, walk around the bowl, or even flip the bowl over. This can be messy an annoying for both an owner and a pet. Inventor Stovall has created a me by rich and animal can easily consume all food or water in a pet bowl, without these disadvantages.

This clever new invention has an incline bottom tilt at a 3% to a 15% angle. Depending on the size of the cat or dog, the inclination will change per size of the TiltedPet Bowl. This decrease pet frustration. It reduces mess and unwanted cleanup. It can be made of any material, such as; Bamboo Fiber, Plastic , Rubber and Stainless steel are the leading materials I've chosen so far.

It is Especially great for older pet's with limited mobility. The use of the Pet Bowl With Contoured Bottom allows for the consumption of all food or water contained in a pet bowl, in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but less messy for the pet owner, and less aggravating for the pet.

And at the same costs of the original and ordinary pet bowl.

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For investors
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Financial information

Short and Long term investment opportunities
Short term = $500.00 or more. Will be paid back 5 to 1
Long term = $3,000.00 per 1% share in ownership

Or License Agreement if I can't find an investor

Bamboo Fiber mould & tooling $5,000 from China
manufacturing cost $0.35 per unit
Wholesale cost $5.00
Retail cost $10.00
Plastic hot injection molding & tooling $7,800
Manufacturing costs $1.69
Wholesale $10
Retail $15
Stainless Steel moulding & tooling $10,300
Manufacturing costs $5.00
Wholesale $16.00
Retail $25

USA Population is 315 Million
52 Million Dogs live in 35 Million Households, at a $8.00 net profit per bowl.
And Millions more Worldwide.

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