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Safety plug assembly

[Category : - Tools]
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A safety plug assembly includes an electrical cord having a first end and a second end. The first end is electrically couplable to an electrically powered device. The second end comprises a male plug extendable into an electrical outlet. The electrical cord has a break therein to define a first section and a second section each having a free end. A first mating member and a second mating member are releasably connectable together to close an electrical circuit. Each of the free ends has one of the first and second mating members attached thereto. Each of the first and second mating members includes a male prong and a female receiver. The male prong of the first mating member is extendable in the female receiver of the second mating member and the male prong of the second mating member is extendable in the female receiver of the first mating member.

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the plug is to be removed and stored seperate from a power tool to render the tool inoperitive so a child can not operate the tool.

The plug can also be used to parental control on a t.v. or video game

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