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Bifacial Targets, Methods of Making and Methods of Use

[Category : - Fishing and hunting]
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Targets including bifacial target areas adjoining four planar extension arms that meet at a center and are set at angles of 109.5 degrees between adjacent arms. A method including providing a pair of symmetrical target portions each having two bifacial target areas adjoining extension arms that meet along a centerline. Slits are provided at centerline apexes, and the slits the two portions are merged. The two target portions are welded together along the merged slits. A method including positioning a target on a surface, with one extension arm projecting upward. A firearm is aimed at a face of the bifacial target area adjoined to the upwardly projecting arm. The firearm is fired to impact the face, the impact causing the target to flip into a new position The firearm is then aimed at a face of the bifacial target area adjoined to the new upwardly projecting extension arm.

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