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Convertible Treestand Deer Cart --- Great Business Opportunity

[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- OTHER- Fishing and hunting]
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My convertible treestand deer cart is a two piece climbing stand with a wheel assembly which is conveniently and quietly stored in the platform. The tree stand is used in the usual way until the hunter is successful and then it is easily converted into a game cart. The upper and lower sections of the stand are attached using snap button clips and the wheel assembly is attached the same way. There are no tools required and no hardware to loose. The cart uses only one wheel like a wheel barrow for perfect balance on side hill trails. The airless flat free tire will easily bounce and roll over rough terrain to retrieve your game with ease. The seat gently supports the head of your buck. This design is lightweight and perfect for hunting those hard to reach places where ATVs are not allowed such as national forest land or wildlife management area game lands. I had a market analysis and survey done which showed a 65% positive feedback. Most of the people surveyed would be interested in purchasing this product. However there were a few suggestions which I would like to address. Some said it looks bulky or heavy. I made the prototype by using an existing stand and modifying it to make the game cart. It could be made using a folding treestand and turning the recessed area which supports the wheel assembly away from the body while carrying. Most of the extra weight is in the wheel which is a Marathon Flat Free airless wheelbarrow tire. The rubber is solid and it has a steel rim and weighs six pounds. I talked with someone at Marathon and he said it could be made with a plastic rim while maintaining the weight rating. If you order enough at one time, they could make a mold of a slightly thinner and lower profile rubber tire which could reduce the weight as well. The prototype weighs twenty-seven pounds. I think it needs to be less than twenty-five. Another comment which was not made on the survey is one wheel versus two. There are a few reasons for this intentional design. I have a two wheeled game cart which I have used many times. It works great once you get from the woods to the main access trail but there are some problems. The ground clearance is half the diameter of the wheel so a 16” wheel gives only 8” of clearance. Also, the two wheels tend to straddle small trees or saplings and get hung-up. My one wheel is 13” in diameter and my cart has 13” of ground clearance. One wheel can easily be maneuvered between small trees without getting stuck. The wider softer tire handles the rough terrain better too. It can be pushed or pulled. I usually push it until I get to a log and then it pulls better going over the log or rocks. I have pictures below and a link to some brief videos.



Financial information

I am looking to license this patented design to an existing tree stand company with a good sales history and market share or a company that can show potential growth. I am also interested in an outright sale for a lump sum. This is a new product which has not been sold before and has no competition. I believe the market potential is unlimited. For questions call me personally 704-564-5966.

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