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[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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A package, a system and method of manufacturing discs, the package for storing discs including: a base
a stem, the stem including: a first end including a first protruding portion of a first predetermined protruding shape
and a second end attached to the base, such that the stem is substantially perpendicular to the base
and a cover configured to be locked to the first end of the stem, the cover including a first hole of a first predetermined hole shape, having a shape configured to allow the first predetermined protruding shape to pass through the first hole
wherein the cover is configured to be placed over the stem, such that the first protruding portion enters into the first hole at an open position of the first hole, and the cover is configured to be rotated about a longitudinal axis of the stem, to lock the package at a locked position of the first hole such that the first protruding portion extends beyond at least a portion of the first hole.

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ANS: CD spindle box is one of the most essential storage container for storing optical media such as CD, DVD, BLU-RAY, or other media disc etc. It is being used in the industry and very well adopted by consumer

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