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[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- Automotive Accessories ]
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A cover removal apparatus includes a frame, an electromagnet and a power source, which is electrically coupled to the electromagnet for selectively energizing the electromagnet. The removal apparatus may further include means for positioning the electromagnet relative to a cover and/or means for loosening the cover.

This is a unique, innovative product that automates the process of removing and replacing heavy manhole covers and drainage grates. The tool automates a process that has historically been done manually. Manual removal of lids and grates exposes workers to back, shoulder, hand and foot injuries leading to Workers' Comp claims. The key benefits of the tool are improved worker safety and task efficiency. Lids and grates can now be removed and replaced with the simple push of a button by an operator while seated in his vehicle.

Call Don Moos at 330-697-6203 for further information.

Financial information

The tool is appealing to any organization that is involved with the maintenance of underground infrastructure. Examples are sewer systems, telecommunication and utility service networks. Organizations such as municipalities, telecommunications companies, public utilities, universities, large industrial and industrial complexes, military bases, operations and maintenance contractors and OEM's are all target markets.

This tool would be an excellent addition to the product line for organizations currently selling into some of these markets and is looking to gain access into others.

The production consists of assembly of custom engineer components. The process can easily be set up anywhere. There is no manufacturing involved.

To see a video of the operation and installation of the product please visit Link

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