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Priority Indian Application No: 2568/MUM/2011


a) Production of electricity by using renewable energy.
b) Production of compressed air which is stored in tanks and can be used for various applications.


The technology relates to a velocity gradient floating turbine and power generation system utilizing energy from flow of a fluid.

The main components are:
a) A floating platform formed by floating tanks, supported by vertical pillars fixed to the sea bed.
b) Guide vanes or guide plates forming duct or channel.
c) A velocity gradient turbine.
d) A gas compressor.
e) A means to couple turbine and compressor i.e. turbine gear and compressor gear or belt/ chain drive.
f) A turbine- generator sub-system.

The floating tanks are connected to each other by guide vanes or guide plates forming a conical passage (duct or channel) between the adjacent tanks. The connecting corners of the adjacent tanks are indented to form a hollow space within which a velocity gradient turbine is placed. The mechanical energy extracted by water turbine is transferred to air compressor via a gear system. The flow of water causes blades of velocity gradient turbine to rotate and the rotation of the turbine rotates the turbine gear, which enables compressor gear to rotate and initiates the gas compression process by the gas compressor and the compressed air is encompassed in the tanks. The compressed air reaches the turbine- generator sub-system through a pipe causing the rotation of the turbine coupled to a generator and initiates the process of generating power.


1) Velocity gradient turbine technology for better efficiency.
2) Minimizes environmental damage including fish migration and plant damage.
3) Minimizes problem of reduction of efficiency due to deposits of silt or mud on the machinery.
4) Minimizes problem of blockages caused in the machinery due to waste and sewage.
5) Minimizes problem of damage caused to machinery due to water flow.
6) Accommodates and works with variation of water flow rate during high and low tides.
7) Most of the kinetic energy of flowing water is stored in the form of compressed air, which permits continuous production of electricity by gas-turbine and linked generator, irrespective of variation in flow rate of water.
8) In addition to water turbine, wind turbine can also be mounted on the tank to extract energy from both water and wind.
9) Can be used without construction of barrages or dams thus reducing costs.

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