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[Category : - OTHER- Automotive Accessories ]
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A wheel hub assembly comprising a main hub body.

The hub body being at least partially hollow and having an inner end and an outer end.

The inner end being opened and adapted to receive a drive shaft such that rotation of the drive shaft rotates the hub.

The outer end being provided with at least one locating pin adapted to engage in a recess on a wheel to align the wheel onto the hub.

The outer end further being provided with a central threaded extension.

The assembly further comprising a single retaining nut adapted to be threadingly engaged onto the threaded extension.

Financial information

My business partner have had this patent for (10) ten years and so far the idea has stalled.
I have travelled around Australia and other countries seeking manufacturers.
People primarily in the "Karting" sport are enthusiastic about our design, but we can not get a manufacturer to make the "hub" at a reasonable price.

We would be open to:

* An outright sale

* Partnership arrangement

* A ROI via royalities

The "Hub" was released at the Karting and Speedway Expo held in Sydney, 2005.

Our invention is superior to existing rear hubs available presently.

* singe nut retaining system

* enables quicker changing of hubs in racing conditions

* harmonic imbalance in the rear axle assembly allows for more grip

* Compatible for other uses; Ride on mowers, ATVs, MotorisedSkis, quad bikes etc.

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