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Security system for transportation industry

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A security, tracking and damage control system for use primarily within the commercial transportation industry. The system consists of a line containing a weight sensor within a security pad, and deploys LAN wireless communication between facility traffic control and tractors (trucks), yard tugs and receptor/detector transceivers located in line.

The primary purpose of the Confirmation Security Pad is to prevent theft and unauthorized activity.

The Confirmation Security (CS) Pad contains a weight detection sensor that detects the presence and absence of weight, and communicates, via broadband and wireless, to a programmed network at a particular location. For example, a loaded cargo container parked unattended on the C/S Pad will communicate its weight to the facility security, and any unauthorized activity that causes deviation
in that weight (i.e. someone entering or removing items from the container, or removing the container from the pad) will immediately be transmitted to Security and/or law enforcement officials for appropriate action.

Although for purposes of illustration, the above paragraphs describe the CS pad in the context of a cargo container, it should be noted that it can be utilized in a variety of settings, e.g. military installations where sensitive cargo must be parked securely, dock doors, private vehicles parked at home, auto dealerships, etc.

Financial information

I am seeking a licensing agreement, with royalties, with a manufacturer who has the resources to manufacture, market and distribute this system. I am also open to exploring a partnership agreement with a manufacturer.

I have conducted extensive market research with trucking companies, warehouse owners, and government officials (Homeland Security), ALL of whom have indicated their interest in seeing a finished product with costing. Insurance companies that I contacted indicated there would most likely be a substantial decrease in trucking companies' premiums if a system such as this was utilized. In this day and age of security awareness and cargo theft (the FBI conservatively estimates cargo theft between $3.5 billion and $10 billion annually!), this is a system whose time has come. The market is HUGE!!!!

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