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[Category : - Camping and Outdoors - Advertising methods- Swimming]
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In general, when going to the beach, vacationers intend to enjoy their leisure time without having to be concerned about the security of their personal valuables, but what usually happens is that they have to choose between staying near their belongings or going for a swim in the sea at the risk of seeing their personal property being stolen, because taking the objects to the water is not of course a viable solution;

The present invention belongs to the leisure and entertainment area and consists of a new advertising promotional gift concept, that is, a waterproof pouch made of polyethylene or similar material, characterized by having a relatively large printing advertising area.

This pouch is intended to be distributed on beaches, river areas, swimming pools, and water parks, etc, for promotional purposes (brand or product promotion for the entity that gives the pouch), so that vacationers that receive this promotional gift can use it by holding it to their respective trunks (shorts or bathing suits). This is the novelty protected by the patent!

Most of vacationers will use this pouch in order to be able to protect their personal property (keys, wallet, mobile phone, etc.), and thereby benefiting from greater mobility and allowing a more restful stay at the beach and with less risk;

It is therefore an object that aims to achieve two distinct goals to two different subjects: a goal of promotion for the entity and a safety / mobility goal for the end user;

This is a pouch destined to store personal property on the beach which also will be taken to the water. So, the material chosen is polyethylene, a material that is very durable to withstand this type of treatment and also to withstand sea water contact; it also supports ink and printing;

To allow this invention to be used, the user must first put the waterproof pouch alongside his trunks, insert the pouch folder rectangular area inside the trunks, pass the trunk cords through the pouch holes and tighten them firmly and stably. The pouch can also be transported by the use of a neck string, also included in the promotional gift offering.

Financial information

The beach is a place where vacationers spend a significant amount of time, and taking in account that it’s quality time, where people are relaxed and available to pay attention to whatever’s going on around them, makes it the perfect place to put into operation advertising and marketing campaigns. Besides, it is usual in these summer places to occur various types of events, including the distribution of advertising gifts, because the cost / benefit of advertising campaigns is usually attractive, and at the same time presenting a very interesting cost per contact;

The cost of each pouch is less than 2 dollars, already 3 color printed.

The target are young males (age between 13 and 20)

This invention is protected by a provisional patent application.

I have recently shown 3 patented inventions at the Geneva International Invention Fair (April'14), and I was awarded one silver and another bronze medals. One of my inventions was also considered the best invention of the Fair besides being awarded the silver medal.
This project - promotional beach pouch - has won the bronze medal.

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