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easy Trey lid for painters

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Hello, I'm Matthew Easley I was wounding who do I contact about a new idea? I have a U.S. patent for a innovation to the five gallon bucket lid that holds paint.

I was told by my Sales Rep that my idea will most likely be a commonplace item for the paint industry in the near future. That new and improved innovations are the foundations. For growth in sales marketing and for business to prosper. To be one step ahead of competition is a successful investment.

I will be more than happy to send my patent details to be reviewed. Are if you can point me in the right direction. I would be greatly thankful for your generocity. Here's short description of my patent. Its a mini roller ramp molded to the underside of the 5 gallon lid.

I or quick reviews to understand what it is and the unique feature of its nature. That the mini roller ramp will be molded with the same plastic the five gallon bucket and lid is made from. It is now a part of the lid just like the tint cap is a part of the lid. Thanks for your time,

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