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Patent for Sale Trailer Docking Device

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Construction Processes & Equipment- Camping and Outdoors ]
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This device guides any tow behind trailer into hitch position one shot every time.

Benefits of this docking device:

a) Any vehicle can use this devise.

b) Protects and prevents damage to vehicle.

c) One person, one shot every time lining trailer over any size tow ball. This rids aggravation, cuts time, and saves fuel. Especially on those cold rainy days.

d) Makes anyone using the B-Hitch look like a professional.

e) Bypass DOT limitations.

f) Step platform with tread for reaching into back of vehicle.

g) Reflective tape makes vehicle more visible at night.

h) Flange covers can be sold separately for company advertising as well as other logos.

i) There are no parts to keep up with.

j) Other than major abuse, this is a once in a life time purchase for any customer.

k) I have tested the durability of this device in all imaginable conditions and feel comfortable in stating a warranty of 5 or more years workmanship, void customer abuse is not out of the question. ( just as a suggestion )

l) With this being said, you should enjoy the satisfaction knowing this device will not be a warranty nightmare.

m) This devise can be moved from vehicle to vehicle.

Note ,,,*
I have given away these devices for feed back. Not one negative comment.
I myself have used trailers all my life and am pretty good at loading a trailer. I put a B-Hitch on my truck and BECAME DEPENDENT on the device. ( It builds a dependency. )

Financial information

Economic and financial information

I would prefer to do an outright sale of this Patent but also will entertain all offers.

The one that makes this purchase will have no competition in the market place.

Reason for selling is I have other projects and businesses to attend

Here is some research for you:

> 60 million anglers
> 64 million campers
> 17 million boats
> 9 million motor homes

That is a total of: 150 MILLION

These stats are from 1996 maybe more recent

These stats do not include:

> Agricultural
> Equine
> Construction
> Tow dollies

This research can be verified at:

Just 5% of this market is a great investment.

Proposed marketing plan: ( or create your own )

Note: This marketing plan has never been implemented.

These numbers do not reflect shipping.

a) ( example)
Model B-2 manufacturing cost $ 68.00 ready to ship
Suggested Retail Price $ 278.95
Wholesale Price $ 204.00

That is a profit of 300%

To get the wholesale price, the retailer will have to sale or purchase 10 or more.

Volume discount off of wholesale price by unit as follows:

10 unit discount 10% = $ 183.60 each
50 unit discount 20% = $ 163.20 each
100 unit discount 25% = $ 153.00 each

This price structure is different for each model for obvious reasons.

b) These numbers are only suggestive and could be lower.

The cost to manufacture each product is as follows:

1) B-1.. 1/4" plate steel cost $ 58.00 ( mini vans, light vehicles, and ATV's )

2) B-2.. 3/8" plate steel cost $ 68.00 ( regular size vehicles and RV's )

3) B-3.. 3/8" stainless steel cost $ 145.00 ( saltwater and extreme climate )

4) B-4.. 1/2" anodized aluminum cost $ 165.00 ( light weight, saltwater, and extreme climate)

Note* Slider is what the tow ball is mounted to and slides into the receiver of the hitch which is permanently attached to vehicle.

The B-Hitch slider is needed only if the customer is not one to invert the slider for height reasons.
Otherwise, the customer can use they're existing slider.

Shank is the thread part of the tow ball.

Again, these numbers reflect suggested cost to manufacture and could be lower.

Size of sliders depend on how the customers vehicle is set up. ( what size hitch they have )

Sliders are optional and should be sold separately.

5) S-1.. 3/4" shank steel slider 1" drop cost $ 15.00

6) S-2.. 3/4" shank steel slider 2.5" drop cost $ 20.00

7) S-3.. 3/4" shank steel slider 5" drop cost $ 28.00

8) S-4.. 1" shank steel slider 1" drop cost $ 18.00

9) S-5.. 1" shank steel slider 2.5" drop cost $ 26.00

10) S-6.. 1" shank steel slider 5" drop cost $ 29.00

11) Display rack cost $ 120.00

12) Decorative panels for flanges can be custom made for advertising or be made in bulk with logos.

A web site for this devise can host towing accessories from other manufactures for extra income.

I have also found that a plasma table goes a long way in cutting manufacturing cost.

If you wish to see the patent itself, please click on patent button below and it will take you directly to the patent office.

I will consider any and all offers.

Please let me know should you have any questions.

Keywords: camping, hunting, boating, machine, trucks, cars, Trailers, towing, investment, company, business, investment, hauling, step, welding, construction, campers, travel, vacation, tools, nascar, racing, tech.

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