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LCD clock overlay for motorcycle instrument dials.

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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A clock for a motorcycle that can be stuck over the tachometer whilst still allowing the tachometer to be seen.

In the words of my abstract:

A clock for a motorcycle comprising a plurality of display elements which are switchable between first and second states where the first state is visibly different to the second state. The clock has a transparent carrier which is sized and shaped so as to be fixable to an instrument of the motorcycle such as a tachometer or speedometer. The instrument can be viewed through the carrier and the display elements in at least one state of the display elements. The arrangement allows further information to be shown without having to extend the motorcycle display console.

Financial information

Ideally an outright sale, but would accept a license if the terms were acceptable. Sale would include a granted UK patent, a granted short term Irish patent (IES20100735) and a currently pending French application (FR2950141), which has had a positive search report and therefore should proceed to grant after not too long.

I have never got as far as implementing the invention (the day job as a patent attorney keeps me too busy!) but I can see that it has potential given that I'm a biker myself, and I'm often curious as to how late I am running.

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