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Cooler of Table-Type ( ice table )

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Disclosed herein is a cooler of table-type, which can be easily kept in custody and reduce power consumption, and which can increase a cooling efficiency and provide a visual satisfaction to a user. The cooler of table-type includes: a chilling room formed at the center of a table, opened at the top and closed at the inner periphery and the bottom
a cooling container adapted to vertically elevate in a state where it is in tight contact with the inner periphery of the chilling room and adapted to contain foods therein
a cooling pole vertically mounted on the bottom of the cooling container and adapted to form ice on the surface thereof
a mushroom type shade mounted on the top of the cooling pole for cove ring the upper end of the chilling room when it is descended, the shade having a predetermined thickness
cooling coils arranged inside and outside the cooling container, the cooling pole and the shade for circulating refrigerant
a cooler for thermally exchanging the refrigerant by circulating the refrigerant through the cooling coils and repeating condensation and expansion
an elevator for vertically elevating the cooling container
and a drain pipe mounted downwardly from the bottom of the cooling container.

Hello, this is 김병철(Kim, Byung Chul), the CEO of Success Story. I would like to introduce our new invention. I am sure it is a revolutionary product. It is called Ice–table. The ice-table was invented to eliminate the inconvenience of additional ordering and to enjoy the cold beer for longer period of time. Ice-table is designed to let the users enjoy fresher drinks at any time. In 2013, we
succeed to get U.S. patent (US 8511110). Also, we received Korea Invention Patent Exhibition 2013 Gold Award.

The Ice-table installed a cooler inside and by escalating the beverage container, it simplified the storage, reduced the power consumption, and provided the aesthetic beauty at the same time. It has lots of way to use. It can be used as a pub table, a home bar, a café table, as well as a dining table.

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If you have any questions and any further information, please contact email or feel free to call +82-10-4172-7025.

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