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A luminous stone in the form of an artifical stone comprising a self-sufficient luminous element, wherein the luminous stone comprises at least one luminous element and a stone body, the luminous element and the stone body form a unit, the stone body comprises a top side and a bottom side, the top side comprises a light emitting surface , the at least one luminous element is embedded in the stone body, the luminous element comprises electrical components including a photovoltaic cell, a charge storage device, a control unit and a lighting means, and the stone body is made from a transparent plastic. The transparent plastic is a transparent casting resin that forms all the surfaces of the luminous element and into which the electrical components are embedded.

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The luminiscent paving stone in the form af an articifial stone or natural stone has already been marketed in Belgium. We are looking for people interested in a partnership or in a license to sell the product in other countries. A website has been designed.

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