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[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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An apparatus and method for providing a work surface proximate to a seat in a vehicle. The apparatus comprises a base support connectable to the vehicle, a substantially planar member and a parallel linkage extending between the base support and the planar member for planar translational movement from a first position to a second position about an arcuate path defining a first plane. The first position is substantially proximate to the seat and the second position is above the seat and forward of the first position. The planar member is also pivotable about an axis parallel to the first plane away from the seat. The apparatus further comprises a support for selectably maintaining the planar member at a substantially horizontal orientation.
The method comprises moving the planar member from the first position to the second position, rotating the planar member to the horizontal orientation and supporting the planar member with the support.

This product is not limited to use only by the auto industry. It could be used on a wheel-chair , used by airline companies , or any place where a firm stowable work surface is required.

Financial information

This product is best seen in operation. Please view our video at Link

I am interested in a license/ royalty agreement with an established after market client base. Or a major auto maker with possible exclusive rights to the patent.

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