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Cricket Connect

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Cricket Connect is a Website that stores and distributes stats of players all around the nation. Cricket Connect allows players, parents, friends, coaches, clubs and scouts to see stats of all registered players around the nation. This allows Australia to essentially be interconnected to all people that have access to internet.

Financial information

Cricket Connect is a website that allows cricketers of all standards (from international level to never heard of the game) to be able to compare stats as a team and/or an individual to not only clubs in your area or division but to clubs all around the nation. Cricket Connect will allow not only players, parents and coaches to be able to view stats, but will allow coaches from other clubs and scouts also being able to see them, meaning that a scout can look through all the players in Australia and search for players with certain stats.

Cricket Connect also has a connected app that has all the information available on the website but allows people to look at stats on the go and also allows scouts to search for players and look up their stats while at their match.

With all the stats gained Cricket Connect will then be able to match your sporting ability with a suited club, it will take into account location, standard (division) and age to find a suited club. This can also aloe clubs to search for players

Cricket Connect will ultimately create a more interconnected code of sporting that allows players of all standards to be able to find a club

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