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Retractable gate for Railroad crossings

[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- Life-saving; Fire-fighting- DESIGN PATENTS]
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A retractable gate comprising a movable arm gate having multiple sections which nest or telescope into each other when parked (e.g. upright), and extends into a full length blocking position as it is deployed. The gate arm sections are deployed by the movement of one of the arms, e.g. the outer one section, relative to the ground or a stationary support member and is joined to the stationary support member by a pivot point or bearing, and is connected to the stationary support or ground by a cable connection (or equivalent) which powers the arm sections into extended or retracted positions by movement of the gate about the pivot bearing. A novel corresponding counterweight system provides selectable balance and torque requirements.

Allows for Railroad Gates and other traffic arm to extend to more than 3 times its length in the blocking position